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    Important News Update on Covid19

Very positive and rapid results obtained with Ozonized Saline Solution in patients hospitalized for COVID-19
Within 24 hours, the PCR (parameter that measures inflammation) curves plummeted. The same occurred with other biochemical parameters and clinical symptoms. Fever rapidly normalized, while dyspnea and fatigue subsided significantly.
At 72 hours the oxygen saturation in all of them had improved remarkably (towards 96-98%).
On the fifth day of treatment, the basic medication was reduced in most of them and discharges began.
On the tenth day, the entire COVID-19 floor of the hospital had been discharged. The medical team observed no side effects and no deaths were recorded.
No one of the hospital health personnel exposed to the virus became ill, when treated with Ozonized Saline Solution, as a prophylactic.
Strictly medical work carried out at the Viamed Virgen de la Paloma Hospital in Madrid (Spain)